How to Start an Online Tutorial Business in the Philippines

How to Start an Online Tutorial Business in the Philippines

If you’re looking for ways to earn more money while working from home, an online tutorial business is perfect for you. There are a lot of opportunities in this industry. You can become a freelance writer, set up a sole proprietorship, or offer online tutoring services. There are also many different ways to market your business, and here are some of the best. The Philippines is a popular country to set up a tutorial business, as there is a high percentage of English-speaking residents.

Freelancing websites

There are many freelance websites you can join to make money. You can post your skills, and get jobs based on projects or by the hour. You can even sign up for more than one platform and work on several projects at a time. You’ll have to deal with multiple accounts, deadlines, and client queries. In the long run, you’ll probably end up with more work than you can handle. Therefore, you should stick with two or three platforms and analyze their requirements and work accordingly.

Setting up a sole proprietorship

Creating an LLC is a great choice for online tutorial businesses. As an LLC, you have unlimited liability for business debts, but only up to your investment. This option also allows you to split your ownership with a partner and avoid the need to file business taxes separately. In addition to this, LLCs protect your personal assets from business debts. But keep in mind that setting up an LLC requires several other steps to get started.


Considering starting an online tutorial business? The Philippines is a great place to start. There are many Filipinos who are fluent in English and the Philippines is one of those countries. However, the number of English-speaking students is relatively small. It can be challenging to teach children basic English and other subjects if they do not understand distance. That is where your expertise can come in handy. Listed below are some steps to help you start your online tutorial business in the Philippines.

Pricing rates for tutoring services

When it comes to pricing rates, the best approach is to start low and gradually raise your prices over time. The lower your rates are, the more people will come to you and eventually you can raise them to meet your desired revenue target. To be able to raise your rates in the future, you must communicate your prices well to your audience. For this, you can go to the communication section directly. As your business grows, you can raise your rates over time, but remember to keep your prices at a level that is affordable for your targeted audience.


If you have an interest in teaching and you have the desire to earn money from your efforts, you should set up an online tutorial business in the Philippines. There are several advantages to starting an online tutorial business in the Philippines. For starters, the online market is very accessible. You do not have to set up a physical office and you can also work at home. You can also choose to work at a tutorial center or in your own home.

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